Find Inner Peace and Happiness by Becoming

Your Own Best Friend!

Enjoy this 3-minute movie with inspiring quotes by women on

loving ourselves and our lives.

Commit to treating yourself as well as you treat your friends and loved ones!

  • Are you your own best friend or own worst critic?
  • Do you spend a lot of your self-talk criticizing yourself and your choices?​
  • Would you ever talk to a dear friend or loved one with the same tone and criticism that you shower on yourself?​
  • ​Is it time for you to change old habits and learn to be a friend to yourself?

​Join the Friend Yourself Project and commit to treating yourself with compassion and kindness!


About Georgiana

As a personal, spiritual, and intuitive coach, Georgiana Carollus has a keen interest in helping people recognize their own brilliance in their personal and professional lives. In addition to a Master of Arts in Counseling, Georgiana has completed CoachU’s well-respected coach training program and has studied the Akashic Records and hypnotherapy. As a Certified Professional Resume Writer, Georgiana has helped thousands advance professionally by applying her expertise in identifying and positioning the range and scope of their accomplishments. Read the full story here…



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